Adobe Photoshop CC 2023 Graphic Design Class Beginner to Pro

By Matt B Categories: Adobe Photoshop, Design
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About Course

The whole course lasts for about 15 hours, I can promise very exciting journey to the world of graphic design.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will have the ability to EARN MONEY with your newly acquired Photoshop skills.
  • Upon completion of this course, you will have a collection of personal projects to showcase in your portfolio.
  • You will produce visually appealing images for use in social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • You'll be equipped with the skills to modify both RAW and compressed photos using a diverse array of tools and techniques that preserve the original image.
  • You'll acquire the skills of graphic design, photo editing, and photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • You'll have the knowledge and ability to enhance photos by eliminating imperfections, red-eye, brightening teeth, and performing other touch-up techniques.
  • You'll be taught the utilization of the shape tool and pen tool to create unique shapes of your own design.
  • You'll possess the ability to employ blending modes, layer styles, and blending options to generate exciting and inventive projects.
  • You'll be equipped with the skills to insert and modify text in your graphics.
  • You'll gain the knowledge on how to preserve your Photoshop projects for both print and web purposes.
  • You'll be able to maneuver through Photoshop, initiate new projects, bring your designs to life, and preserve them for future use.
  • You'll be taught the crucial tools in Photoshop for modifying and adjusting images.
  • You'll gain the capability to choose and revise specific parts of your image using various selection tools.
  • You'll acquire knowledge on utilizing the Photoshop layers panel, which encompasses both the creation and modification of layer masks.
  • Most importantly, you will have an enjoyable time acquiring and implementing the skills of Photoshop!

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